At See More Beauty all our permanent make up procedures are performed with Kim Rafferty the owner & founder of See More Beauty.

Kim has years of experience in the permanent make up world & in more recent years travelled up & down the country to teach her much loved skill to others. So you can be reassured you are in safe hands at See more
beauty with the level of skill, experience & infection control that Kim has to offer.

Kim has a full portfolio of work should you wish to see some before and after pics. A full consultation is required to ensure the treatment can be carried out & the treatment will be tailored to specific requirements and needs before your appointment.

Kim says “permanent make up shouldn’t be a painful experience if performed correctly & is a treatment to enhance your natural features with long lasting results without giving a false appearance.

What different types of PMU are there?

The most widely talked about form of permanent makeup is of course Brows – Microblading and Digital Machine Brows have grown in popularity over the years and the trend is showing no signs of slowing. Other types include Permanent lip liner and eyeliner.

How long does PMU last?

PMU generally lasts from 12-24 months – so you are not making a permanent and lifelong commitment! Generally speaking, those who choose this route are very certain that they will be happy with the look for another two years because they have been applying it the same way every day for a long time and now want a more long lasting solution.

Is Microblading the same as PMU?

It is a similar method, but it doesn’t go anywhere near as deeply into the skin, as it is performed using a hand tool not a digital machine – this means that it is less long lasting and can also be prone to anomalies caused by the naturally occurring oils in the skin.