We offer a full range of Nail services here at See More Beauty. Nail enhancement, – more commonly known as Nail extensions, we also offer Gel polish which lasts around 2 weeks (with no chips or smudging) Or simply a classic file & polish or manicure. And if your feeling a little adventurous we also perform custom Nail art. Premium products are used across the board at all times and we continually strive to be at the forefront of the latest trends, products and treatments. So whatever your Nail requirement may be our highly skilled and trained technicians will keep you right on whatever treatment you decide on.

Gel Nails, East Kilbride

Gel nails are your go-to choice for longer-lasting nails that will last for two weeks, chip-free, and longer if you let them. At our beauty salon in East Kilbride, our nail technicians can provide a professional nail makeover, in a colour of your choosing, with or without nail embellishments.


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Gel Nails FAQ

Will Gel Nails Damage My Natural Nails?

No! Well, not when they’re applied right and removed with care. The gel nail polish itself does not damage the nails. The misconception that gel nails damage your natural nails is all to do with the removal process. If you pick and peel it off without taking care, it can and likely will damage the natural nail.


We can provide a soak-off removal service at our salon, and we always provide our clients with the safest advice to both get the longest life out of their gel nails and when it begins to chip or crack, give detailed advice on the safest removal method. Gel nail polishes should crumble off your nail. You should never peel or pick it off because that’s when you’re likely to damage your natural nail.


How Long Will Gel Nails Last?


The gel polishes cure under a UV lamp in under a minute, and they are the fastest drying nail polish available. They have been known to last as long as four weeks, but given the thickness of the gel, it is recommended to remove the gel after two weeks. This is to allow your natural nails to breathe, preventing them becoming brittle due to a lack of oxygen.


Are Gel Nail Extensions Available?

Yes. Gel nail extensions give you longer nails for longer and they’re as long lasting as acrylic nails. Gel extensions have the added advantage of being flexible, so it takes more to break this type of extension than it would an acrylic nail which is a denser material.

What’s the Difference between Gel Nails and Shellac?

Strength. In terms of the ingredients, the only difference is the formula. Shellac nail polishes are made with a blend of gel and regular nail polish. The gel gives it strength. Naturally, using a gel polish, it is stronger. It’s easier to remove shellac nail polish. If you have any concerns about the removal of either, our nail technicians will be happy to answer all your questions and explain alternatives.


What Colours Do You Have?


We can guarantee we have a colour you’ll like in your gel range. Gel nails have over 400 shades available. That’s the widest selection of any type. Shellac, as an example, has 132 colours.


Can You Use Nail Embellishments with Gel Nails?


Yes, in fact, gel nails are ideal for embellishments because of its staying power. We can apply a base coat, add nail art with any variety of embellishments you like in a style to suit, add a top coat, then cure the gel under UV light. Our gels are all professional grade from leading brands with much stronger adhesion than home gel kits that don’t have the same adhesion strength.


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Acrylic Nails, East Kilbride


See More Beauty has a wealth of experience providing expert nail care and nail art services in our beauty salon in East Kilbride. Acrylic Nails are a popular choice with our clients as they offer a variety of advantages with very little negatives.


Acrylic nails are terrific for strengthening brittle nails and they can be in-filled to give longer lasting faux nail extensions that can remain intact for up to six weeks with only the one in-fill treatment after three weeks.


Our nail technicians have a diverse range of experience and are all qualified nail technicians specialising in providing nail care, extensions and 2D and 3D nail art.

Our salon is located in Maxwellton in Calderwood, East Kilbride and we’re open 6-days a week.


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The Art to Long Lasting Acrylic Nails


Acrylic nails last longest and are safest when applied by a trained nail technician. All our equipment is maintained to the strictest of hygiene standards and our staff are exquisite in the care and attention they give to your nails.


The best nail care with acrylics happens before application. Nail prep is the most important part of the process, ensuring proficient filing/buffering is done for the adhesion to take and without damaging your natural nail.


Without careful nail prep work being done, acrylic nails are more likely to lift prematurely. To ensure you get the longest life from your acrylic nails at See More Beauty, our staff pay close attention to the nail prep, application and finishing touches to any nail art you have done to make sure you leave happy and your nails remain firmly in place for at least two weeks, hopefully three… and we’ll give you the hand care advice to maximise the possibility of keeping your acrylic nails in prime condition for as long as possible.


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Acrylic Nail In-fills To Extend the Life of Your Faux Nails


Acrylic nails are hardy and can stand up to a lot, but like everything apart from diamonds, they do not last forever. Over time, chips or cracks can appear and the nails will begin to lift. When they do, we can provide you with an in-fill service that is essentially a top-up of acrylic nail polish that doubles the lifespan of the nails.


We recommend having only one in-fill done before having your acrylic nails removed. With good hand care and hygiene, acrylic nails can last three to four weeks before an in-fill is needed. Even with just the one in-fill, acrylic nails can last as long as two months. Our nail technicians take the utmost care in the application process to make sure your nails last as long as you want them to.


Expert Acrylic Nails in East Kilbride with Superior Aftercare!

See More Beauty is local to Maxwellton in Calderwood, East Kilbride, and we can be reached six days a week. Once you have acrylic nails applied, and any design work done, we can offer follow-up consultations for in-fills or rebalancing adjustments which may be required depending on your natural nail growth rate.


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