The Skin Geek Super Hair Removal machine offers a convenient alternative to the hassle of regular shaving and waxing, – with just a single course of treatment providing clients with a permanent reduction in unwanted hair growth.

It’s 3 times faster and twice as accurate as other hair removal machines and is using the very latest technology available. It’s technically NOT IPL and it’s NOT Laser.

The machine constantly fires beams into the skin with a repetitive machine gun like action, Rather than a less accurate “Shotgun like action like many of the other machines on the market. I constantly wand the hand piece up and down the area being treated to ensure full coverage. It’s safe, pain free and very cost effective.

Consultations are £20, but this fee is deducted from your first booking. At the first consultation we require at least 1-2mm of hair so we can identify the full area. Following a successful consultation you will then fully shave the area a couple of days before your appointment.

An approximate time for complete removal will be given at your consultation.

Statistics show as much as 95% of hair targeted by a course of Hair Removal Treatments is permanently removed. Good news considering we spend up to 72 days of our life’s shaving!